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Our blog will help you to understand what is reach in social media. Why it is good to measure it, and how to implement boosterberg as an effective tool to help you gain more reach.

Data from Social media can provide important insight to companies on how customers respond and see their brand. Reach is a metric to measure the success of individual posts. You might want to learn about reach if you want to understand the demographics and interests of online followers. 

Reach vs impressions

Reach usually indicates when a user actually views a post. It can provide more accurate numbers of how many people are seeing the content. While Impressions are the number of times your post is displayed. To translate it into easy, digestible language: Every new person that sees your post is counted by reach metric, and every time the same person sees your post, it is counted as impressions.

Types of Reach on social media

We know what reach on social media is, how do we gain more of it?

As mentioned above, there are different types of reach, when we talk about organic reach, lately it’s harder to gain that in a competitive environment such is Facebook and Instagram nowadays. Those platforms are already monetized, as a result of that, gaining organic reach might take time and is harder. Not impossible! just harder.

The process of gaining reach is tedious and consistency is something that helps you surely grow your online presence.

One way how to speed up the process is to use your posts as advertisements by boosting them. Boosting changes your existing posts into advertisements according to the campaign you set up. Once you do your initial setup, you will spend time on reading insights on Facebook or Instagram and choosing the right post to boost, thus sending it to a bigger audience. That is where Boosterberg comes in handy, instead of manually looking for the right post, you can set up rules via the Boosterberg platform and it will boost ideal posts, saving you time and resources.

Reach alone is nice but…

In order to determine if your strategy is working, you should look at it from the bigger perspective, one of the ways that can help you to know if its working, is to calculate post engagement.

Keep in mind reach is a metric sitting on top of the funnel, what does that mean? It’s good to measure it (we do it in Boosterberg) to see what content does better and what is worse. However, reach won’t determine how many sales you will do at the end of the day.

Social media advertising isn’t just about having beautifully made posts with dozens of likes and hundreds of followers. It is a common practice where influencers with a high number of followers are struggling to sell their products. To avoid such an outcome, you have to think of your social media from a strategic view.