How to Run a Post Engagement Campaign?

If your main goal is post interaction and, you want to make use of the Post Engagement campaign option. This type of Campaign will show your boosted posts to people, who are most likely to be interested and willing to interact with them by liking, sharing them or commenting on them.

What to consider when deciding which posts to boost:

How many posts do you publish?

  • If less than one per day, it’s usually OK to boost them all. If you post more than that, it’s more efficient to boost just the best posts.

Which posts are the best?

  • When your goal is post interaction, always look at the post engagement metric and use this condition. For example, set up Boosterberg to boost only posts that have as much engagement (or more) as the median value of your posts from the previous 30 days. This means that roughly half your posts – those with better engagement than the other half – will be boosted.

Boost more posts at a time, or just one?

  • You can decide if you want to boost your posts one after the other so that only one of them is boosted at all times, or run multiple boosted posts at the same time. In general, if you have a broader audience and more budget, it’s usually good to enable boosting multiple posts at once, so that Facebook algorithm can pick between them and optimize your campaign even more.

When should I stop boosting my posts?


Do your posts only have information value for a limited time (for example, breaking news)?

  • Set up the time-based stop condition accordingly so that you don’t show outdated ads.

In terms of performance, you want to spend your budget in the most effective way, and in Post Engagement campaigns, this means Cost per Post Engagement average should be as low as possible.

  • Set up the Cost per post Engagement (CpE) stop condition to an average value that you expect to attain. Re-visit your campaign after a week and tweak this condition to better reflect the actual average cost, so that between 20-50% boosted posts are stopped by this condition.

Always try to look at your running campaigns critically, try different approaches and test your results. If in doubt, give us a shout at

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