How to Set Up a New Campaign?

Once your Boosterberg account is created and verified, you are ready to create a new campaign and start boosting your posts.

Click on “login” at the page (or go directly to and sign in with your Facebook profile. After a short loading period, you should arrive at your Dashboard.

Click on the Create new campaign button. Several options will appear:

  1. Choose a Facebook Page for which you want to promote posts
  2. Choose an Ad Account which shall be charged after promoting your posts
  3. Pick the objective for your campaign – you can choose between Post Engagement, Traffic or Conversion campaigns.
  4. In the second step, you are choosing options for the ad set that you are creating. Click on Budget and Targeting – a new pop-up window will appear, with the options:
    1. Audience and demographics of your target group
    2. The budget for your new ad set, including optimization and scheduling
    3. Placements – where boosted posts will be shown
  5. Set up your boosting conditions (conditions that each boosted post has to meet)
    1. Basic Settings – with this option, you can choose to boost all new postsĀ or a percentage of Facebook posts that will be promoted. The percentage option works only if you have more than 5 existing posts that were published within the last 30 days, as our presets are based on extrapolating from past post-performance.
    2. Advanced Settings – with this option you can choose from specific boosting and stop conditions and set up automation aby way you like. If you want to know more about the advanced settings, jump forward to the next guide.
  6. When you are done with the automation setup, finish by clicking on the Submit button below to finish the setup process and create your first campaign and ad set.

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