Who are we?

Boosterberg, a Slovak company, was founded as a response to the tedious tasks of manual post selection and campaign creation that marketing agencies were facing at the time.

In 2016, it transitioned from an internal tool to a public SaaS product that simplifies social media advertising.

Initially, we focused on large publishing firms and Slovak marketing agencies, but over time, we broadened our scope to include small and medium-sized companies in Slovakia and the United States.

Using our automation technology, marketers can save valuable time and streamline their campaign creation process. Additionally, we’ve recently added new features, including Boosterberg presets, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our service.


Our team

Daniel Kremsa

Daniel knew Boosterberg before it became Boosterberg.

He was there when the app was coming together in 2016. Then, after recognizing the potential of the service, he seized the opportunity, bought it, and gave it the solid foundation we're building upon today.

Ľuboš Mišík

Ľuboš started working at Boosterberg as a support agent in 2020. He was promoted to Product Manager in 2022 and is currently CEO of the company.

In addition to leading our development and content teams, Ľuboš is also in charge of sales and still deals with support tickets.

Veronika Bošková
Brand Strategist

Veronika's branding expertise and invaluable lessons from our workshop with her guided us in the right direction. We were able to clarify our brand purpose and thanks to her.

Boosterberg changed a couple of faces until we settled on a final version. But we still consult Veronika regarding branding questions to ensure we're on the right track.

Erik Boskovič
Head of Content

Erik joined our team in May 2022 as a social media manager. We now call him the Head of Content instead.

His role is to approve ideas and ensure our social media content meets the highest standards.

Sanela Ciubotaru Kurtek
Copywriter and QA tester

Sany joined our Boosterberg crew in October 2022 as the main copywriter on board.

She helps us with content creation, blogging, and email marketing. In addition, due to her versatility and skills, she recently took on QA and testing of Boosterberg.

Alina Matilainen
Content Marketing Specialist

Our TikTok Queen, Alina, joined us in January 2022.

She's behind all those fancy-looking posts on our social media pages, and she helped us launch our Boosterberg Presets Instagram account.

Viera Bizonova
Marketing Support

Vierka joined our Content team in August 2022.

From day one, we threw her headfirst into the deep sea of email communication and strategy and she's been swimming successfully ever since. With Vierka on board, we can focus more on newsletters and send subscribers high-quality emails with valuable information.

Andrej Holeša
Software Developer

Andrej began working on the Boosterberg app in January 2021.

Initially, he was given only minor tasks to tackle, but his responsibilities have grown over time, and he is now a great asset to Boosterberg's development team.

Lucia Novotná
Graphic Designer

Lucia is part of Kremsa's team, but we stole her for our department due to her excellent design skills.

As the brain behind our design efforts, she played a key role in creating Boosterberg's visual identity.

Milo Kona
Tech Lead

Milo has been with Boosterberg since 2018 and knows the app like the back of his hand.

Currently, he oversees all technical aspects of the Boosterberg application, and if there are any issues, you can bet that Milo is fixing them.