None of us became experts overnight; there was a lot of trial and error involved in the process. And we all need time to relax, too. 
Social media might not take breaks – but social media marketers sure do. 

It was during one of those much-needed breaks that we were watching one of our favorite TV shows, and we came to an idea – making a little quiz for our audience. 
We figured it takes all kinds of social media managers to create a well-oiled machine. And what better way to describe the different types of social media managers than through the well-known How I Met Your Mother characters? 

1. What is your preferred social media?Tiktok

A – TikTok
B – Pinterest
C – Instagram
D – Facebook
E – Twitter
F – Youtube

And by the way, make sure to write down the letter of your answer!

2. When you learn, you will likely opt for…

A – An audiobook
B – A Youtube video
C – A conference
D – Online training course or webinar
E – An article
F – A regular book

3. Your social media strategy focuses on…

A – Social networks
B – Microblogging
C – Bookmarking sites
D – Social news
E – Community blogs
F – Videos

4. Your analytics focus on…

A – ROI – return on investment
B – CPC – cost per click
C – CTR – click-through rate
D – CPV – cost per view
E – CPA – cost per acquisition
F – Overall performance

5. Your superpower is…

A – Designing
B – Writing reports
C – Closing deals
D – Analyzing
E – Optimizing
F – Coming up with ideas

6. What is the biggest challenge regarding social media marketing?

A – Selling products
B – Getting more customers
C – Creating content
D – Boosting the engagement rate
E – Good customer service
F – Making quality ads

7. You spend too much time on…

A – Online dashboards
B – Mobile phone
C – Project management
D – Analytics
E – Online games
F – Ad management

8. What is your optimal goal?

A – Create better brand awareness
B – Get a larger audience
C – Provide a quality customer support
D – Sell the products
E – Research the audience
F – Collect insights

Did you answer all? Check the second page for your character!

Mostly A – The Kind One – Lily

Someone like Lily is well-known for their sweet personality and plenty of understanding for those around you. Taking a personal approach to things helps you grow in a company quickly, but you use automation tools for ads to make more time to dedicate yourself to each client. You listen to your clients well and engage with them – and your all-around view of social media marketing will help you reach the top! 

Mostly B -The Brand Builder – Tracey

You are strong and work very well with customers – communicating well with your clients is your number one goal. As a social marketer, you are well-organized, follow a specific structure, and know how to make things happen. 

You can build brands from dust and give your customers what they want – and you’re not afraid to use Ad automation tools to get the job done!

Mostly C – The Rockstar (Content King) – Barney

You are known for your intelligence, but you interact with others well. Your social skills are strong, and you can delegate tasks efficiently and maintain good professional relationships. You are willing to try a new marketing strategy and be 100% engaged in each project because you leave Ad boosting to the dedicated tools. That is why you grow and advance quickly – just like Barney!

Mostly D – The Analyst – Ted

You are smarter than everyone else in the room, and your intelligence is over the top. You may not always play well with others, but more importantly, you get the job done. You believe in data and concrete evidence when using Ad boosting tools. Someone like Ted loves insights and creating social media marketing strategies. You’re a cross-channel master at your job!

Mostly E – The Entrepreneur – Robin

Someone like Robin is very career-driven and independent. You know how to stand on your own and how to do the job – without any help from anyone, but you rely heavily on Ad boosting tools. You are strategic and dive into the data insights and create powerful strategies with vigor. You are focused on the finish line, and your multi-touch experience will get you there, no doubt!

Mostly F – The Boss – Marshall

Common sense and believing in data insights is your middle name. You are tech-savvy, you work your way with every influencer on social media well, just like Marshall. You are focused on growth and creating a unique marketing plan on social media. You know every product well and you boost those sales using Ad boosting tools!

Every great social media manager knows that using ad-boosting tools can get you to the top – whether you’re a Barney, Marshall, Robin, Tracey, or a Lily. That being said, Boosterberg is for all types of social media marketers, and it helps you become better at it! 

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