Social media has been part of our everyday lives.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs use social media – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter to name a few, to reach more of their target market and reach more people increasing leads and sales at the same time.

Many business owners though affirm that social media is quite overwhelming and that they can’t really keep up with trends. And it’s totally understandable since most business owners would like to focus more on operations and running their business plus putting efforts in their zone of genius.

But how can you, a business owner be visible on social media without showing up?

Let me give you some tips so you can leverage your Instagram without the overwhelm.

1. Optimize your page
Being clear of who you are, what you do, and how your audience can contact you will make you more searchable on IG, treat your page as your digital business card. 

2. Hook them with your creatives
Depending on your brand, use visuals that are compelling and attractive.  You need to make sure that you’ve done your market research to know what kinds of creatives will be effective for your audience.

3. Use your content to give value
It’s no surprise that huge brands leverage social media by using their content.  And yes, content marketing is what big brands use.  This is to educate and entertain their market.  Create and curate content with a vision and intent in mind, because when you do, all your efforts will pay off.

4. Use software to make your life easy!
There are lots of tools and software to choose from but as business owners, you want to ensure that you target the right audience, use the right timing, and set the right location for your campaigns and ads.  Boosterberg got your back! They have these amazing benefits:

Boosting Your Marketing Results (Boosterberg helps with automation & saves time)
Lowering Your CPC By Up To 80% (Based on customers feedback)
Everything Works Out Of The Box (with your established audiences)

Given all these benefits, you get to sit back and relax while you run your campaign and check the analytics and insights to see where you can double down your efforts.

You may wonder, will it work?

I’m a Social Media and content marketer myself, and results have been proven.  All you have to do is take action to see results for your business.

Doing these tips before you even launch or do your next promotion will help your business to take off and do its work without you being too worried about scheduling content, creating content, and even showing up on people’s Instagram feed.

Hope you get to reach more people and make your business the top leader in your industry!

This article was created by professional Social Media Marketer Cheska De Jesus. You can find out more about her services at or reach out to her on her Instagram @createwithcheska.

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