You want to buy Instagram followers; we get it. It’s tempting. But we’d like to go over a few things, first. 

What happens when someone buys fake Instagram followers? Are there any risks? Is buying IG followers even worth it? 

In this guide, we’ll discuss all that – and suggest alternatives to get more engagement without resorting to fake followers!

How To Buy Instagram Followers?

Before we get to the truth about buying fake followers on Instagram, let’s look at how the whole process works first. The process is pretty simple, and it usually goes a little something like this:

– Decide how many followers you want to buy; you’ll usually be able to choose among pre-set packages
– Decide if you want to get all your followers at once or if you’d like a steady increase over a few days
– Decide if you want to buy additional likes and comments
– Provide your Instagram handle (so the bots know where to go)
– Provide your credit card details (if there’s no alternative payment method available)

Buy Instagram followers cheap, sit back, and watch the numbers go up. As for the best site to buy Instagram followers, it’s hard to give a straight answer. Many of these providers were shut down faster than you could say “bot” due to reasons ranging from scamming users for money to identity theft.
That sounds promising, huh?

Does Buying IG Followers Work?

Well, technically speaking, yes, buying IG followers works. But that kind of depends on your definition of the word “work.” For a small fee of roughly $15 per 1000 followers on average, you can expect this vanity metric to go up in a matter of hours. So, yes, it works – in the sense that you’ll see the numbers go up, that is.
But let’s approach that question from a slightly different angle:

Will buying followers on Instagram work to make your account more successful?

If that’s what you’re wondering, the answer is “No.”

These followers will do nothing for your engagement – and they could even flush your business’ credibility down the drain. 

4 Reasons NOT To Buy IG Followers

You’re literally paying for the single vanity metric to go up; that’s it. That alone should be enough to tell you why you shouldn’t consider buying followers.
But in case you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why it’s such a bad idea to buy followers on Instagram:

Your account might get suspended. You’ll be going against Instagram’s Terms of Use; enough said. 
It will destroy your credibility. Genuine brands gain Instagram followers organically; buying followers is a shortcut that takes away from your online reputation. 
Your engagement will look bad. A high percentage of your audience won’t be real and won’t engage with your posts (except for the occasional generic spam) which could skew your overall performance metrics. 
It won’t help you earn any money. Fake followers aren’t interested in your business and will never convert into customers or refer others to you. 

We could go on – but you get the picture. 

What To Do Instead To Boost Instagram Followers

We understand that you’re looking for ways to get followers on Instagram – you can’t market your business if there’s no one to market it to, right?
Instead of taking the quick-and-easy – and not-so-effective – route of buying fake followers, though, invest that money in reaching real human beings. A real following that would actually be interested in your content, engage it, and consider buying the products or services you offer – that’s the type of audience you should be going for on IG.

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