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Are you a digital marketing agency, content publisher, marketing manager in an organisation or just Facebook enthusiast? Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy is the ultimate resource for you to get more insights on Facebook advertising. We share valuable knowledge of our Facebook marketing experts so you can run your ads more effectively.

Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy - Kontentino Social Media Content Management Tool
Dozens of published posts on Facebook every week, hundreds every month and thousands every year. This is how all 365 days of a Social Media Manager play out. It ...
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Boosterberg Facebook Explore Feed
Organic Reach of Facebook posts published by Facebook pages has been steadily declining for a couple of years now. This week's sweeping change - the addition of a separate ...
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Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy Buffer Social Media Management Tool
If you are managing social media profiles and pages and do not use any tool for content management, you might be very familiar with the "classic" workflow: You are ...
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3 Groups of Facebook Campaign Goals Untangled
If you are lost in the Facebook Ad campaign goal settings and not sure whether to select awareness, consideration or perhaps conversion goals to start with, read on and ...
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Boosterberg Facebook Post Boosting - 10 MIstakes in FB Ads
What about using a kitten in our new Facebook Ad? Everybody loves them, don't they? Also, I will put all users into one big target group, it is much ...
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Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy - Post Boosting Automation for Small Business
Small business owners often do dozens of things that would be covered by different people in bigger companies. If they get too distracted and spend too much time doing ...
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Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy - More Control for Advertising Budget
Some companies need a little more control over their budget, than just one overall monthly spend amount. In this text, we will describe, how to create multiple layers of ...
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Boosterberg-Automating FB Boosting-Academy-Pinning Areas in Facebook
Geo-targeted advertising with the usage of pins is without doubts one of the most impressive things Facebook offers to its advertisers. Read on to find out how it brings ...
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Facebook Ads Placement

Boosterberg - Automating Facebook Post Boosting - Facebook Ads Academy - FB Ads Placement 520x292
Which one should you select: The automatic Facebook ad placement, where Facebook automatically optimizes the placement for the best results of your ad with the lowest total average costs, ...
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Boosterberg FB Ads Automation Tool Using UTM Tracking Codes in FB Campaigns
Have you wondered how to move your data quality to the next level? UTM parameters can be a powerful way to track where your Facebook clicks are really coming ...
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Boosterberg - Intelligent Facebook Advertising - Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor What Is the Difference
If you work with Facebook Ads Manager and have not tried Power Editor, read on. We will show you on case studies which of the two tools will help ...
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Boosterberg - Intelligent Facebook Ads Automation - 10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Has Been Rejected
Each new Facebook ad needs to be approved before it can go live – this can take from several minutes up to 24 hours. There are many reasons why ...
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Link Click Campaign Primer

Creating Facebook Ads to promote new content on Facebook is the key for publishers striving to drive traffic to their website. It is so easy to setup a link ...
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Boosterberg - Automating Facebook Advertising - Facebook Ads as the Answer to Dropping Organic Reach
Learn why has the organic reach of Facebook posts dropped so significantly over past few years and what options you have to get the reach your content deserves without ...
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Boosterberg - Smart Facebook Advertising Automation Tool - Publishers and Facebook - Should They Boost Facebook Posts
With so much competition, it is not easy to get enough readers for your content without promoting it. Facebook is the perfect channel for publishing houses to get more ...
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Boosterberg - Smart Facebook Advertising Automation Tool - Agencies and Facebook - How to Reach More
Boosting posts is the way to get engagement for new Facebook posts. However, it takes a lot of time to dig into performance analysis to select the posts to ...
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Boosterberg - Automated FB Post Boosting - Facebook Organic Reach Is Dropping - Increase Visibility with FB Ads
Organic reach on Facebook has decreased and boosting Facebook posts has become even more popular. However, just by pressing the Boost Post button you are not able to get ...
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All About Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is the way of letting Facebook users know about your events, products or new content. In our Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy, we are sharing our knowledge about how to use Facebook advertising in the most efficient way. Let us explain to you when it is optimal to use Facebook advertising, how to create your ads, set budget, and why you should boost Facebook posts in order to encourage its visibility and user interaction. Also, we’ll teach you how to create perfect FB Ads, what to avoid and in overall, how to advertise on Facebook so you get a solid return on your advertising budget.

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