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Viral Content: Amuse and Perform

Organic reach on Facebook is dropping. According to most analyses, average Facebook posts reach around 5 % of fans, in fact it has become common knowledge. We all know that there is only one real solution to this: Paid Facebook advertising to get our posts to our fans again. We might not like it, but there’s nothing else to do, if we want to use Facebook as a proper marketing platform.

Yes, we can try to create only a “viral” content, we can continuously ask our fans to share everything we create, but at the end, nearly no one will manage to do it regularly and long-term.

When we are speaking about boosting posts, most pages do it in a very basic way. New post is published on Facebook -> Boost for $4 ($40, $400) -> check done. No concern about budget effectivity, no evaluation, just simple boosting. But they can do better. Much better.

On Facebook, inverted logic of boosting should be applied. When you create a Facebook post that no one is really interested in (which results in weak engagement, poor organic reach, few link clicks, …), you should not put any more money into it via boosting (excluding special cases).

On the other hand, if you produce a post that everyone seems to be interested in (and that is at the same time compatible with your marketing goals), it gets lots of “Likes”, “Loves”, “Hahas”, “Wows”, Comments or Shares. This is the post that you should support immediately. Any small amount of paid promotion will multiply the effect of what it gained organically.

Unfortunately, most pages do the exact opposite: “this one is doing well, let’s save money” vs. “hey, that poor sad one in the corner is not getting what it deserves, let’s boost it a bit” All wrong.

Let’s say we just agree on this one. But who has time to evaluate every single post results and decide, if it deserves a boost or not? Shouldn’t we be working on our primary business instead of exploring Facebook Insights every day?

Let me answer: Yes, of course!

And that’s the reason we developed Facebook boosting post automation tool Boosterberg. It can boost every new post, if needed, but what’s more important, it can help you boost only the posts, that deserve your money. Our smart presets will be on hand, so you don’t have to be a Facebook Ads Master to operate it. And if you are, we have some “Advanced Settings”, where you can fulfill all your dreams about fine-tuning your post boosting automation.

Just try our “Free 30-days, no credit card needed” trial and decide, if you like what you see.