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How to Measure and Optimize the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Advertising

Do you use Facebook ads to promote your products and services on social media? Do you want to know how
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Was your Facebook Business Manager Account Hacked?

Facebook’s Business Manager is typically pretty secure, but malicious users found a way to hijack them and your money, typically
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Facebook changes attribution window from 28-days to 7-days

Facebook is officially changing its attribution window from the prior 28-day time to just 7-days, a change that was supposed
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Instagram Boosting and Political Content Ads

Instagram Boosting Campaigns Finally, the recent Boosterberg update introduced the long-awaited Instagram boosting, for now in beta with support limited
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Boosterberg targeting strategies

The power of Facebook lies in its marketing opportunity for advertisers to target very specific audiences. Facebook is really good at collecting behavioral and demographic data about its users, which can in turn be used by advertisers to create a very relevant …

Boosterberg strategies: Effective budget allocation

Boosterberg gives you the option to automatically recognize and separate the best performing posts and promote only these posts with an additional budget. For this, you will need to create multiple ad sets…

Facebook Explore Feed – Organic Reach is Dead

FB Organic Reach Decline – the Final Nail in the Coffin. Organic Reach of Facebook posts published by Facebook pages has been steadily declining for a couple of years now. This week’s sweeping change – the addition of a separate …

Handover Facebook Ad Sets – an Effective Way To Effective Budget Allocation

Some companies need a little more control over their budget, than just one overall monthly spend amount. In this text, we will describe, how to create multiple layers of ad sets with separate budgets.

Link Click Campaign Primer

Creating Facebook Ads to promote new content on Facebook is the key for publishers striving to drive traffic to their website. It is so easy to setup a link click campaign with Boosterberg.

Facebook Ads as the Answer to Dropping Organic Reach

Learn why has the organic reach of Facebook posts dropped so significantly over past few years and what options you have to get the reach your content deserves without wasting money on promoting content that will not bring the desired engagement.

Should Publishing Houses Boost Facebook Posts?

With so much competition, it is not easy to get enough readers for your content without promoting it. Facebook is the perfect channel for publishing houses to get more traffic to their website. Should they be using Facebook advertising and boost their Facebook posts? Read on to find out more.

Agencies & Facebook Pages: How to Reach More?

Boosting posts is the way to get engagement for new Facebook posts. However, it takes a lot of time to dig into performance analysis to select the posts to boost and not waste money of those that won’t perform well. With Boosterberg, digital agencies can both save time and improve their results almost instantly.