The best Instagram posts can not only boost your engagement rate but can improve your brand awareness too. It’s crucial to give the followers something to share with others if you’re looking to increase your visibility on social media.

The key is to post the right things – but finding the right Instagram posts ideas can be tricky. You will need to post something everyone wants, but it still has to be unique enough to make your account stand out in the crowd. 
Tricky, we know. 
If you need some help figuring out what to post on Instagram this month, we’ve compiled a list of 10 creative ideas to make the ultimate engaging post for your business Instagram. 

Continue reading to see the best ideas to make the most of your online presence!

10 Photo & Video Ideas To Inspire And Engage Your Followers

There are many things you can do to boost your Instagram account – and increase your conversion rates. However, coming up with Instagram story ideas isn’t always easy. 

That’s why we’ve come up with the best idea for this month, leaving you to schedule Instagram posts on your own accord. Below, you’ll find our list of 10 engagement post ideas – so, let’s get to it!

1. A Behind-The-Scenes

One thing you can do for your brand’s online presence is let others see that there are people behind it. Giving your followers an idea of what goes on behind the scenes can significantly increase your engagement rate. 
For instance, use photos and videos that show you and your coworkers having fun at work. Show the human side of your brand.

2. Use Current Trends

Have you considered jumping on a current trend on Instagram? Filming popular dances or various challenges can show the people behind the business. 
Plus, the trends are fun; they add humor and relevance to your “business as usual.”

3. Show The Action

Whatever your business is, you should snap a photo of employees hard at work. It’s engaging for followers because one, it gives an insight into how everything is made, and two, how many people are included in the process. 

4. Crossposting

Crossposting is a term that refers to taking content from other social media platforms and posting it on Instagram. It could be short YouTube clips or Twitter screenshots – anything that adds value and is relevant to your brand. 
Repurpose, people!

5. Participate In Recurring Challenges

Recurring challenges are a constant source of inspiration for creating new posts since they’re usually a daily, weekly, or monthly thing. 
Don’t just settle for looking up the current IG challenges, though. Dare to create one relevant to your brand!

6. Do Product Launches

Creating teasers for the upcoming launch could boost your engagement rate. How? It will get people talking about the product. 
You can make mysterious photos to build hype, do an influencer collab to talk about the new product – or make a poll to engage your followers.

7. Post Interviews On Instagram Story

Posting an interview with your guests on Instagram can get you hundreds of views and easily engage your followers in several ways. 
To get even more engagement, ask your followers for question ideas, who they want to see you interview next, or what they thought about the last one.

8. Mind-Break Posts

Most of your followers are busy – and use social media to unwind. But from time to time, skip the usual go-to’s and make a post that makes your followers think a bit. 
Post puzzles on your feed or IG Stories. You’ll get to keep the engagement going – and those who get the answer right will get a dose of pride and satisfaction.

9. Ask Questions

Asking a question will encourage your followers to share what they think about – well, whatever the topic is. You can ask anything, as long as it’s relevant to your brand, of course.
Ask the right questions, and you could even get some business ideas and content inspiration from it!

10. Show An Influencer Using Your Products

If you saw an influencer using your products in one of their photos, why not share their post on your Instagram? Remember, influencer marketing is a great way to boost your business. 
When people see influencers using your products, they’ll trust your brand more – and will likely purchase your products, too!

The bottom line is – focus on your content and leave your Ads boosting with Boosterberg, our automation tool! Click here to sign up today!