Is Facebook’s Business Manager stressing you out? Are you tired of trying to figure out the right campaign setup for your content promotion?

Say goodbye to manual campaign management and say hello to Boosterberg Ad Presets, the easy-to-use campaign templates designed to help brands save time and maximize their content promotion potential. 

Created by social media marketing experts with years of experience, each preset is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Whether you’re a social media novice or a pro, Boosterberg Ad Presets can be used by anyone looking to promote their best content on social media with ease. Simply choose a campaign template aligned with your goals, and watch Boosterberg do the rest.

With the Ad Presets Marketplace now live, you can access a range of templates focused on: 

  • Various campaign objectives (engagement, reach, traffic, conversions) 
  • Detailed audience targeting setup 
  • Boosting different post types (images, link posts, reels, videos)
  • Hashtag promotion 

Browse our Ad Presets Marketplace today and experience the power of hassle-free social media campaigns. 

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