By far, Instagram’s most popular feature would have to be Instagram stories. With over 250 million daily users, Insta stories are the key feature and the principal part of the Instagram experience. 
Appearing like a slideshow, Instagram got its inspiration from Snapchat’s feature called ‘My Story.’ They are essentially the same – the photos & videos play like a small slideshow that lasts for 24 hours. 
So, let’s talk about the Instagram stories – what they are and how to make one like a pro.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Everyone on social media has seen an Instagram story and has posted at least one of these. The original goal of the Insta story was to win over the users back from Snapchat, which has happened successfully back in the day. Stories last for 24 hours, but they can be saved for good on your profile in the Instagram highlights.
Today, for regular users on their private accounts, the Instagram story is used to let everyone know what is up today. For businesses, using stories can be an excellent part of every digital campaign.
It’s more likely that your followers will see your Instagram story than your posts on the feed, making them a better option for the marketing campaign. Instagram stories are attractive – it’s easier to engage with clients via Stories, and they add a personal touch to your business. All in all, a great way to boost those engagement rates!

What Are The Best Instagram Story Hacks?

Using Instagram stories for your marketing campaign may seem easy enough, but you will have to adhere to certain rules for maximum success. For the best Instagram story ideas, read on carefully:


Consistency in your Stories feed and Reels is what makes your brand stand out. Make everything consistent – the color palette, specific overlays on the photos & illustrations, and so on. Keep the same theme on all your platforms – this will help your media feel personal and more aesthetically pleasing. All that strengthens your brand and the bond with your followers.

Keep The Basics In Mind 

The basic details about the stories can be the reason why your stories aren’t as successful as you hoped them to be. The principal hack is always taking photos and videos for your stories in the ‘Portrait’ mode. There is no need for the pro camera; you can always use a smartphone’s back camera and natural lighting. 

Add Music And Animation

Animated stories are always attractive to the users, and many free apps can help you create these stories. In these apps, you can choose colors, filters, even templates to make them flush with your theme. 
Instagram Music is an excellent feature for stories – you can simply include a popular song in your video to grab the users’ attention. We advise you to include current hits from Billboard’s top 100 songs rather than personal favorites. 

Make Use Of The Instagram’s Native Effects

Instagram has many native effects, and most of them were an instant success when they first came out. Boomerang, the first effect that came out, is a fun way to present something on Instagram – just make sure that the movement is interesting enough to stand out in the slideshow.
Moreover, pinning is a great way to add text, graphics, or mention someone in the Instagram story to boost engagement. Super Zoom is a feature that drastically zooms in something of the creator’s choice, and it can be a great way to add some humor to your profile.
Furthermore, use polls and mentions whenever possible. These options will boost your conversion & engagement rates more than any other effect out there!

Get On Another Level With Inst Story Campaigns

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