Social media is an integral part of any B2B marketing strategy. But sometimes, there are not enough hours in a day for you to go over all your marketing tasks and get it all done. If that’s something you’ve been struggling with lately, marketing automation could be the solution you’re looking for here. 

How will marketing automation improve your social media

There’s more to these automation platforms than merely scheduling your posts, that’s for sure. Marketing automation streamlines and optimizes your social media efforts across all channels – you’ll have to keep reading to see how, though. 

Planning Your Content Marketing

The first and arguably, crucial step in getting a leg up on your competition – and engaging your target audience – is taking the time to develop a solid content marketing strategy.

When we say “solid,” we mean a strategy that’s scalable, effective, measurable, and repeatable.

There’s more to it than merely making a list of topics you want to cover and working your way through it. Anyone who’s ever worked on developing a successful content marketing strategy will tell you that social media planning is never that easy.

Granted, this is the only stage of the content marketing process you can’t automate. If you want to do it right, you’ll have to put in the work and set the foundations for success yourself. But with the right content planning tools, it doesn’t have to turn into a full-time job. 

Make the most of the social media marketing plan and streamline the entire process efficiently and effectively. 

Scheduling Your Posts 

When people think about automated social media marketing, schedulers are usually the first thing to pop into their heads. That’s understandable; that’s what these tools do best. 

The benefits of scheduling your posts in advance with social media automation are evident: 

You can organize and draft your social media messages ahead of time, deploy them on a consistent schedule, and manage multiple posts at a time across all your social media channels without having to log in to each account. 

Which social media scheduler would be a good option?

Kontentino and ZoomSphere are two examples of highly recommended platforms for planning, organizing, and scheduling your social media posts as a team. 

Ads Automation

Ads cost money – but poorly optimized ads can drain your marketing budget without delivering any measurable results. 

You might feel like it’s your duty to keep your eyes on the ads dashboard and fuss about the cost-per-click rate and other metrics. However, it’ okay to take a step back and automate the critical stages of the process; ads are data-driven, and automation is your best strategy.

There’s no need to babysit your ads any longer: 

BOOSTERBERG, our social media automation tool, can take care of that for you. You can focus on your content’s quality – and our software will handle the rest based on the audience, budget, and placement you choose. 

Marketing & Sales Improvements

Planning your content marketing strategy and scheduling your posts helps – but you’ll need to build strong customer relationships to generate leads and drive business growth.

That brings us to another area where marketing automation platforms – like Klaviyo – make an impact. Using automation tools beyond mere post scheduling helps businesses look at a bigger picture and deliver customer-centric experiences.

You’ll see a measurable increase in other aspects of your business, from customer satisfaction and lead generation to conversion rates – all as a result of a better customer experience. 

Social Media Reporting

Automation also means easy-to-track results. The social media reporting tools on marketing automation platforms allow for a clear picture of how your campaigns are doing.

You’ll be able to track engagement, reach, and impressions, see which posts gain the most traction, how specific demographic groups respond to your message, and when your audience is most responsive. 

Consider automating your social media reporting with Social Status to gain detailed insights and benchmark your social media performance against competitors. It gives you access to in-depth profile analytics, ad campaign reports, optimal post types and frequency – and more.