How to Run a Traffic Campaign?

If your main goal is getting as much people to your website as possible, you want the Traffic campaign option. This type of Campaign will show your boosted posts to people, who are most likely to click on them and go to your website.

What to consider when starting your Traffic campaign:

Do you publish link posts, or other type of posts (photo, video) with a link in the text?

  • For traffic campaigns, it’s best to use the Link Post format, because it’s optimized for best click-through rate. If you are mainly after website traffic and don’t publish link posts, you should strongly consider switching to this format.

Which posts to boost?

  • When your goal is traffic, always look at the Link Clicks metric and use this condition. For example, set up Boosterberg to boost only posts that have as many Link Clicks (or more) as the median value of your posts from the previous 30 days. This means that roughly half your posts – those with more Link Clicks than the other half – will be boosted.
  • You will also need to identify posts that lead to your website that you can monetize. For this, you can use the Link URL keyword condition, inside which you can specify your website domain or a specific URL snippet that corresponds to your desired section of your website. In this way, Boosterberg will only boost posts that lead to this section.


Boost more posts at a time, or just one?

  • In traffic campaigns, it usually makes sense to use a broader audience and publish more posts, so boosting more posts at a time is recommended.
  • Don’t forget to set boosterberg to check also older posts, for example all posts from the past 24 hours. You can set this up in the Past Post Checking condition.

When should I stop boosting my posts?


Do your posts only have information value for a limited time (for example, breaking news)?

  • Set up the time-based stop condition accordingly so that you don’t show outdated ads.


In terms of performance, you want to spend your budget in the most effective way, and in Traffic campaigns, this means overall Cost per Click average should be as low as possible.

  • Set up the Cost per Click (CpC) stop condition to an average value that you expect to attain. Re-visit your campaign after a week and tweak this condition to better reflect the actual cost, so that between 20-50% boosted posts are stopped by this condition.

Always try to look at your running campaigns critically, try different approaches and test your results. If in doubt, give us a shout at

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