Boosterberg Features

Essential tool in Facebook post boosting automation

Boosterberg is a Facebook advertising automation tool that helps you save a lot of time while managing your post engagement Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Technically speaking, it’s an online web application for that

  • regularly checks all posts on your specified Facebook pages
  • automatically creates Ads based on pre-defined conditions for posts that meet the requirements
  • automatically turns the Ads off, based on another set of conditions.

Let’s get started with feature introduction or jump directly to Frequently Asked Questions.

Automatically Boost Successful Posts

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Basic Settings - Promote the most successful FB posts automatically

This is where the fun begins: using the most basic settings, Boosterberg can boost every new post automatically for you and stop the Ad after a few days, keeping your Campaigns up to date.

If you want to easily boost just the successful posts, Boosterberg has got you covered. The system will categorize your past Page Posts based on their success using a smart algorithm, and you can decide, which category to start boosting based on an easy percentile system.

Set Up Custom Boosting Conditions

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Setup advanced boosting conditions to maximise the effectiveness of your FB post promotion

The main features of Boosterberg, which enable maximizing effectiveness, are the advanced boosting settings. The rules include start and stop conditions based on post type, organic reach, engaged users, link clicks, average cost per engagement or per link click, post content keywords, link URL keywords but also custom time delays, total ad cost and more, with more still in development.

For more information about the advanced boosting triggers, check out our advanced settings tutorial

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Advanced page analytics and stats

Boosterberg helps analyze your page needs by also providing useful stats, gathered from past post performance – in advanced settings, you choose how to use this information for increased effectiveness.

Single Business Account

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Central management of pages and users with single business account

The only account that you need to register for is your Business Account – a unified login that handles all your Boosterberg needs. There, you can update invoice data, manage your subscription plan and see your invoices along with the date of expiry.

Need more help starting up? Read our Registration Process tutorial.

Add Multiple Coworkers

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Add coworkers to your account

Your Business Account also enables you to invite multiple coworkers, who will receive an activation link that will link their Facebook Accounts to your Boosterberg Business Account. This way, they can start boosting Facebook Posts with a simple Facebook login directly to Boosterberg App.

You can add or remove connected users whenever you like, without any artificial restrictions.

Need more help understanding the Business Account? Read our Business Account Features overview.

Instant Overview

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Dashboard for overview of boosted pages

The Boosterberg Boost App is always linked to your Facebook account, same as you are used to from Facebook Ads Manager. You can switch between Pages, Ad Accounts, and have complete overview of all Ad Sets that are governed by Boosterberg automation on simple Dashboard and Page Details pages.

Need more help orienting yourself among your Pages, Ad Accounts and Ad Sets? Read our App overview tutorial.

Targeting and Budget

Integrated targetting and budget settings from Facebook Ads Manager

For those of us who are at home with Facebook marketing, Boosterberg, of course, has an option to import all Ad Set targeting and budget settings from any previous Campaigns, that were created under any of the Ad Accounts that you have access to.

After using Boosterberg for some time, though, you will find that there is really no need to switch back and forth between Facebook Ads Manager and Boosterberg. The same targeting and budget options, and also other usual options like placement and optimization, are mirrored inside Boosterberg, so setting them up is a breeze without ever opening Facebook Ads Manager.

Run multiple automated Ad Sets at the same time

Boosterberg Automated Facebook Post Boosting - Multiple adsets functionality for all Facebook marketing needs

To make things easier, Boosterberg creates one Campaign whenever you boost a new Page for the first time, inside which all Ad Sets are aggregated.
Multiple different Ad Sets running at the same time provide you with unique flexibility in all your post boosting needs.

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