Promote Your Facebook Page Smartly

When you create a Campaign or Ad Set with new boosting conditions, you have two options, basic settings and advanced settings. Let’s have a look at Advanced Settings now:

First, you can choose which Post Types to consider for boosting, you can check or uncheck any of the available types (Link, Text, Photo, Video, Offer, Event).

Then there are the two main columns, Boosting Conditions and Stop Conditions, that enable you to define starting rules and stop rules respectively.

Using these two groups of settings enables you to define the triggers for starting the promotion of a post published on your Facebook page and also stopping the promotion. By applying these conditions, promoting a Facebook page becomes simple and efficient.

Boosting Conditions

When to Start Promoting Posts on Your Facebook Page

  • Time Delay enables you to set a time that defines, how long the system will wait before boosting a Post after it is published.
  • Min. Organic Reach, Min. Engaged Users and Min. Link Clicks provide the option to set the amount of their respective value that the Post has to Reach before being booster, either by absolute numbers or, in case of Reach and Engagement, in terms of a percentage value realative to the amount of Page Fans*.
    *Please note, that this percentage value does not reflect a percentage of your actual Fan Base, it is used only as a dynamic numeric benchmark, against which the system compares the reach or engagement values. This means that, for example, if your page has 1 000 fans, setting a 20% organic reach value means, that if a Post attains 200 reached users (whether they are your Page fans or not), the Post is boosted.
  • In Post text Keyword, you can set a keyword or a number of keywords (separated by a comma), that you want the post to have to be boosted. Similarly, you can remove Posts with a specific keyword from boosting by setting a Post Text Negative Keyword. You can also write in a hashtag keyword like #this to only consider specific hashtags.
  • Link URL Keyword and Link URL Negative keywords options enable you to set the domain (for example that is selected for (or removed from, as is the case with negative URL Keyword) boosting consideration.

Stop Conditions

Define the Triggers to Stop the Boosting of Your Facebook Page's Posts

  • You can set time constraints for a published Ad (boosted Post), that stop the Ad after a set time or at the end of the day it was first boosted.
  • Total Reach and Engagement values can help you stop an Ad after it reaches a specific value goal and minimize budget spent on the Ad, if it is your objective.
  • For Promoted Link Clicks and Engagements that have quantifiable cost, a Cost per Link Click or Cost per Engagement limit can be specified – to properly reflect the need for best effectiveness, the system takes into account 24-hour Cost averages, not individual Cost for every Click or Engagement.
  • You can also specify the maximum Cost Spent one Ad, after which the Ad will be stopped.

Past Post Checking option enables you to fine-tune, which posts are checked when Boosterberg evaluates Posts for conditions. Set it to 1 to always check the newest post, or to a number of posts back that you know are still relevant for your business. Similar logic applies for setting the time value, how much time back should Boosterberg check, if boosting conditions were met.

Finally, you can choose between boosting just one post at a time, that will always stop the previous Ad after a new one is created, or multiple posts at a time, when this rule doesn’t apply and Ads are stopped only after another stop condition is met.

Find out more about how to create a link-click campaign using Boosterberg to send people to your website in this case study from our Facebook Ads Academy.


Efficient FB Page Posts Promotion with Boosterberg

  • Advanced settings provide multiple condition options that specify, which posts you want to boost and stop boosting based on type and various quantitative values, time, concurrency etc.
  • You can choose which Post Types you want to Boost, if you want to limit boosting to one post at a time and how long back (time-wise or based on a number of posts back) to check during each page check.
  • You can specify boosting (starting) conditions based on Post Minimum Organic Reach, Engagement, Link Clicks, keywords and also set time-delays
  • You can specify stop conditions based on reached Organic Reach, Engagement, Cost per Link Click and Cost per Engagement. You can also limit the time an Ad can run, and total amount of cost spent on one Ad.