Meta has recently rolled out a subscription plan that allows users in the European Union to enjoy an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram. Users are now presented with two options: they can opt for a monthly fee to enjoy an ad-free experience or utilize the platforms at no cost while receiving personalized ads and continuing to give consent to Meta to collect their data.

This change has sparked concerns and confusion among EU-based advertisers on the platform.

Some of our users have already reached out with questions about these changes and the implications they had on their post boosting plan and schedule. We investigated the issue and found the solution.

Let’s first take a detailed look at the changes to understand them better.

Understanding the Choice

As a Facebook user, you now have a choice.

You can either

  • subscribe to use Meta Products without ads
  • continue using them for free with ads.

It’s essential to understand the implications of your choice, as it will affect your ability to advertise and monetize on the platform.

Impacts of Subscribing

If you choose to pay for the monthly subscription to Meta Products without ads, you won’t see ads on your platform, and your information will not be used for ad targeting. However, this decision comes with limitations:

  1. Ad Campaigns: You won’t be able to run ads or boost posts for Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles (e.g., Marketplace listings), or Facebook Pages linked to Instagram accounts with subscriptions to Meta Products without ads.
  2. Partnership Ads: You won’t be able to participate in partnership ads on Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Monetization: Your ability to earn money through ads on Reels and in-stream ads will be disabled, and monetization experiences will be affected.

What does this mean for Boosterberg users?

If you’re located in Europe and you’re using Boosterberg to automate your Facebook ad campaigns, and you’re one of the people who still hasn’t made a choice to either use the paid or the free version, or you’ve opted for the ad-free model, you might be having problems with your campaigns.

If this is the case, you will see this error message in your campaign history log:

Advertising currently limited

In order to take this action, please log into Instagram for ”xxxxx” and make a choice to either subscribe to use Meta Products without ads or use them for free with ads. You will be prompted to make this choice once you open the app or website. Learn more about the impact of your choice on your ability to advertise and monetize with ads here –

This one is in Czech, but this is how the error will appear in the history log of your campaign:

Resolving the Issue

If you find yourself facing these limitations due to your subscription choice, here’s how to address the issue:

1. Review Your Account: If you haven’t made a choice for your account(s) yet, you will receive a prompt to do so when you open the Instagram/Facebook app or website. Choose the free model to continue running ads.

2. Manage Your Subscription: If you’ve already chosen to subscribe but you’ve changed your mind and you want to run ads or boost posts, you can manage your subscription and update your choice by going to Ad preferences in the Accounts Centre section on Facebook and in your Instagram app.

Here is where to find it on Facebook:

And here is where to find it on Instagram:

3. Address Linked Accounts: If you’re trying to run ads for a Facebook Page that is linked to an Facebook/Instagram account with a subscription to Meta Products without ads, you’ll need to have the owner of the linked account review their choice. They can do it through the Ad preferences section of their account. Another option is to unlink their Facebook/Instagram account from the page you want to use in your campaign.

After you’ve taken care of that, just restart your campaign and Boosterberg will do the rest.

If you have any further questions about this or anything related to Boosterberg, contact us at