Before we explain Boosterberg Ad Presets, let’s remind ourselves how Boosterberg works.

Boosterberg automates Facebook and Instagram post boosting for you.

 How does Boosterberg work?

  • After creating an account and connecting your Facebook and Instagram pages, you can select the criteria and conditions for boosting your posts. A post will only be boosted if it meets the conditions you’ve set. As a result, you won’t waste money on unsuccessful posts.
  • Once you have this set up, that’s it. It’s time to sit back and relax. Boosterberg will then boost all posts that meet your criteria, increasing your brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram.


Boosterberg Ad Presets are templates for social media campaigns that follow a set of criteria to promote a specific type of post.

Let’s explain this with an example. 

You’re an entrepreneur, a marketing consultant, or a freelance social media manager. Your specialty is the foodie segment. Your clients include restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops, and you help increase their brand awareness on social media. Since you’ve been working in this segment for a while now, you already have a proven strategy for what works on social media and what doesn’t.

Most likely, you already have a campaign preset for the posts you are promoting on your client’s behalf. Which means:

  • You know how to choose the right objective.
  • The right audience and demographics of your target group 
  • An adequate budget to reach your goal

With Boosterberg’s Ad Presets, you can now sell your campaign templates to other social media content creators.

The benefits of creating Boosterberg Ad Presets: 

  • You are in charge of setting the price for your campaign preset*
  • You can share your campaign preset with other people via a unique link
  • You get paid every time someone buys your campaign preset, monthly subscription
  • The more people buy your campaign preset, the more popular it will become in our marketplace

*For each preset sold, Boosterberg will charge a $25 fee, so if you set the price of your preset to $50, you will receive $25.

How to create a Boosterberg Ad Preset? 

Creating presets is similar to creating a campaign through the Boosterberg app.

It will only take you three steps to generate some extra income and social media manager status points

  1. In the Boosteberg app, you can choose to create a preset instead of creating a campaign. (If you want to re-use an existing campaign as a preset, you can do that too.)
  2. Once it’s ready, make it active on the Preset Marketplace.
  3. Your preset is now live, so you can share the link with your audience, clients, and followers to encourage them to purchase it. 

Your unique expertise in social media promotion in a particular niche sets you apart from others. With Boosterberg’s brand-new Ad Presets feature, you can now sell a part of your social media marketing strategy quickly, efficiently, and to a wider audience.

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