Facebook is officially changing its attribution window from the prior 28-day time to just 7-days, a change that was supposed to happen in the spring, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reason for the change is because of upcoming digital privacy initiatives happening, but did not cite any specific companies or legislation, though it’s a natural assumption given more importance we are putting on data and privacy worldwide. It is likely that it may have something to deal with Google eliminating cookies from the Google Chrome browser in the coming future as well.


While we couldn’t find an official source, this was the statement, sent via email to SearchEngine Journal:


Upcoming digital privacy initiatives affecting multiple browsers will limit a business’s ability to measure people’s interactions across domains and devices. Among those limitations is the ability for businesses to attribute conversion events back to an ad over longer attribution windows.


So, what does this mean for you? Advertisers will only be able to attribute a conversion event to an ad if a customer completes the conversion in a 7-day window as opposed to the longer 28-day window.

Changes are set to happen on October 12, and the assumption is that that will be an automatic change; however, advertisers who rely on the 28-day window will want to download the data related to that attribution beforehand.

They may also want to change the attribution window now, to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.


How to change the attribution window

Changing the attribution window is a straightforward process, but can be hard to find if you do not know where you’re looking. 

  1. Open up the Ad Account Settings from Business Manager.
  2. Under the Attribution section, click Edit. You will see a screen like this:
  3. Move the dial to your desired attribution window, which in this case, would be 7-days or less.

Once you have chosen your Attribution Window, simply press Save Changes, and you’re good to go!