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As a marketing manager, staying ahead of the curve with the latest advertising trends is vital to your marketing plan’s success. Using tried and true tactics that “just work” can be successful for a little while, but in the world of marketing and advertising, things are always changing and requiring recalibration. For example, Facebook removing its 28-day attribution window or Apple cracking down on third-party tracking can throw a wrench in a marketing campaign.

It might tempt one to go on the ‘defensive,’ but where marketing managers can shine is by staying offensive and in-the-know of current tactics that can be used or changed for a marketing plan’s success. There are a few ways that can be achieved, and that’s staying on top of the current digital trends that marketers are using to drive success.

The Case For Video Content

Data says that harnessing video content in your marketing plan can be a key point to the success of the campaign. 85% of businesses are now integrating video content into their brands, and data shows, viewers love it more than text-based content. But, customers do not just want to see more videos, customers take action when video content is present.

Video content on a landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 34%. When you also consider that video content on social media increases shares by 1200% over text and image content combined, those types of conversion rates can create insane sales momentum for your brand. There are a few other data points to consider as it relates to conversion and brand awareness:

These points only scratch the surface on the extent of the impact that video has on a brand and marketing plans. Suffice to say, video content is vital to a marketing campaign’s success. 

How can you integrate video into your marketing?

It is a quite obvious video is integral to marketing today, but creating video and engaging with video is easier said than done. That said, there are still some easy ways you can start to engage with your audience through video.

  1. Convert a blog to a video. As the data said, only 10% of viewers remember the message from a text ad. How few others at the top of your sales funnel are going to read a long-form blog? Not many. That’s why creating a video based on one of your brand’s blog posts can be valuable–repackaging important insights to your brand or product into a concise and impactful message that your audience will remember on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  2. Videos over images. There is a time and place for images, but since videos are engaged significantly more, using video to present a message over an image with text can help your engagement metrics.

“A compelling CTA will convert visitors into leads or leads into customers, depending on where you are in the sales process. Just try to put a personalized CTA at the 15 second, 30 second, and 1-minute mark of every video you create, test out different CTAs at different points in your video to find out what works best, and drive more revenue,” says Alexandra Zelenko.


Video content works excellent on a cold audience, but a warm audience is even better. That is why remarketing content, whether video, text, or image content, is so important. Remarketing is simply the process of connecting with people who have already interacted with your website, your mobile app, or even a previous advertisement. 

Why is it important? Data says that a visitor will browse your website 2-4 times before making a purchase or taking a conversion action. People coming back to your website are always more likely to buy than cold traffic. Thankfully, so long as your Facebook Pixel is installed, you can create content to remarket to people that have previously interacted with your brand.

Stacy Caprio, who runs her own agency, says “One Facebook tip for 2021 is to install the Facebook Pixel right away after you create your account. Make sure you have it set up correctly for pageview tracking and conversion tracking so you can easily create a remarketing campaign and track purchases that originate from the pixel. Creating a remarketing campaign is the highest ROI, lowest cost Facebook ad campaign you can create, and is the best way to start off your ads in 2021.”

Create authenticity

Authenticity can help your conversion rates and engagement as well. You can do this through user-generated content (UGC), such as reviews. Reviews from buyers and those who have experienced the product can add trust that you won’t otherwise be able to add to your digital advertising efforts.

Brian Robben from Robben Media says it well: “To establish trust and move the customer journey forward, you want previous customers to make the case for why they would buy. This is far more persuasive than a company itself saying it’s awesome. In 2021, in ads and organic posts, user-generated content should be a top priority for best results.”

Engage your audience

Whether you’re creating video ads, text ads, or image-based ads, one tactic you can use that doesn’t take much effort is to stay engaged with your audience. In Facebook or Instagram, dive into the comments and start replying to fans. Don’t ignore the comments.

“This will also increase engagement and nudge your users to comment more when they see that their favorite brand is interacting with them. Also answering to any negative remarks, whether they are help requests or outright criticism can diffuse a lot of issues before they get out of hand,” says Bram Jansen.

Stay Data-Minded

In using any type of digital ads or organic content, it’s vital to use the important data points to make decisions. While also important, avoid vanity metrics like the typical likes, reactions, comments, and shares. 

Instead, focus on metrics that are driving conversions and sales. Alike or share isn’t indicative of success, but rather the action that the customer takes to click through to your website, make a purchase or fill out a contact form or newsletter sign-up.

Staying on top of the metrics is very important but also very time-consuming. Discover Boosterberg features to automate this task for you, at least when it comes to automating post boosting on Facebook and Instagram. Try Boosterberg for free today!