Roles Boosterberg can play in your marketing funnel

As marketers, you obviously know the 3 main stages of the marketing funnel – awareness, where users become aware of your brand, consideration, which is the place that incentivizes engagement with the brand, and conversion, where we are trying to help the user make the transition to our customer. On social media such as Facebook or Instagram, you can utilize multiple different techniques to build such a successful marketing funnel for your audience, using different content, different campaign types using different tools that can help to achieve optimal ROAS.

Image of large funnel with three stages: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion

This infographic shows, how Boosterberg can fill one or multiple of these roles in your marketing funnel by handling the day-to-day campaign management and optimization automatically, by supporting multiple different Facebook and Instagram campaign objectives. As always with boosting campaigns, you just need to concentrate on producing suitable content and let Boosterberg do the rest. Alternatively, you can also combine Boosterberg with other tools, for different parts of the funnel, so that your existing content publishing schedule is used to its full potential.