Increasing the Efficiency of Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

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Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy - Post Boosting Automation for Small Business

Small businesses are often administrating a Facebook page on their own. Now they can focus on their core business without losing precious time with logging to Facebook, studying the posts stats and boosting their Facebook posts manually. Boosterberg Facebook post boosting automation tool selects the best posts for them, decreasing the cost per click by more than 50%.

People often ask: Is Boosterberg only for content publishers and digital marketing agencies? Although Boosterberg is really a number one tool for these two types of businesses, it can be a very handy tool for a small entrepreneur who is trying to run a Facebook page on his own. Because of the declining organic reach, every business needs to boost new posts to get more reach and engagement.

Small Business Owners Ask: Is Boosterberg for Us?

For every business owner, there comes the need to create and publish the content on Facebook on one side, and the need for its promotion on the other. Both are time-consuming, need some specialised knowledge, and require a long-term commitment.

When a small business signs up for a Boosterberg account and sets the boosting campaign for its Facebook page, it starts saving time immediately. Also, because the business owners and general managers or administrators doing the Facebook page management are not usually experts in online analytics, they could underestimate the importance of considering the stats and selecting the best posts to be boosted. With Boosterberg campaign, they do not need to worry about it – only the best posts will be boosted and thus, the money is invested effectively. With the price of $25 for the Boosterberg starter package monthly, the marketing budget does not need any extra boost. Our small business customers report that they are saving up to 90% of their time spent with boosting the posts and their campaign efficiency has increased significantly. Measured through CPC (Cost Per Click), the positive change is typically 50% and more.

How Boosterberg Helps Small Businesses

To sum up, Boosterberg is a valuable tool for every small business building its presence on Facebook. Its features and benefits in a nutshell:

  • Allows you to set up a campaign to boost posts on your Facebook pages in minutes using Basic settings
  • Enables switching to advanced settings if you are a Facebook advertising pro
  • Selects the best posts and boosts them automatically
  • Uses stats and insights to optimise performance and cost per click
  • Does not require to return to Boosterberg and recheck the stats or settings periodically

Check out the video on our homepage explaining why you should try automatic boosting of facebook posts with Boosterberg.

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