Boosterberg - Intelligent Facebook Ads - Tutorials - Basic Settings and PresentWhen you create a Campaign or Ad Set with new boosting conditions, you have two options, basic settings and advanced settings. Let’s have a look at Basic Settings:

The very first feature in Boosterberg ever developed was the “Boost every new post”. It doesn’t get more simple than this – Every new Post that is created on your Facebook Page is boosted, while the old one is stopped. Of course, soon, we added more rules that are reasonable for most scenarios, for example: every Ad runs for three days, then it is stopped whether a new Post is created or not.

These 3 rules put together make up the basic preset “Boost every new post”, that you can see in the first section of basic settings:

  1. start boosting a post when it is created
  2. stop boosting a post when a new post is created and boosted
  3. stop boosting a post after 3 days

Now, basic options have multiple such presets that combine more rules:

  • In the “Promote all successful posts” section, Boosterberg also adds a combination of Organic Reach and Engagement into the mix, presenting you with intelligent presets based on statistic of the specific Facebook Page from the last 30 days. Based on this information, you can choose how many of your top posts you want to boost. Maybe you ask yourself why boost just successful posts? You can learn more in our articles on dropping organic reach¬†and Facebook ads addressing this concern, but suffice to say that it’s more effective than to waste your budget on posts that are not performing.
  • The “Promote Link posts that generate traffic” section on the other hand is catering specifically to publishing houses, and to anyone who’s only intention is to maximize traffic to a website using Facebook Advertising. As such, only Link Posts are boosted by the system, based on their Link Click performance and multiple Link Posts can be boosted at the same time to provide the best results. Similarly to the first section though, the Link Click presets are calculated from your Link Posts from the last month to provide meaningful values for you to choose to boost just the top half (or quarter, or tenth) of link posts that are performing better than the rest.

In summary:

  • Basic settings provide presets, either allowing you to automatically boost every new Post or Link Post, or providing condition values based on previous Page statistic.
  • The “Promote all successful posts” section boosts all new Posts, based on your preference, how broadly or narrowly you want to spend your budget in regards to post success, represented by Post Organic reach or Post Engagement values.
  • The “Promote Link posts that generate traffics” section boosts only Link Posts, based on your preference, how broadly or narrowly you want to spend your budget in regards to post success, represented by the Link Clicks value.