The theme of the second part of our series about the most common mistakes that came out of the dozens of Facebook Ads accounts audits is about the common mistakes in the campaign structure and the fragmentation of the campaign as a whole.

What is the problem 

Most of the ads we have seen had an inappropriate structure and were very fragmented. We can say the most important thing that was missing was the lack of the funnel structure as a whole. The basic ecommerce stack consists of a top funnel (TOFU) – middle funnel (MOFU) – bottom funnel (BOFU) scheme.

How it should look like

Top funnel is prospecting audience (LAL, INTERESTS, BROAD), middle funnel is engaged people (social engagers, website visitors, email subscribers) and bottom funnel is remarketing to qualified people (ViewContent, Add to Cart, and similar events…).

There have been a lot of campaigns for small budgets for a few EUR – a few tens of EUR per day.

Example – an account running 10 campaigns for 10 EUR per day, each with 2-3 adsets with 3-5 ads. The result is that Facebook can’t distribute small budgets when it has many possibilities, it can’t learn and optimize effectively. The vast majority of campaigns are learning limited and 1-2 ads “take” most of the budget (especially if it is a CBO, see below).


So how to deal with this funnel issue? Well, the best practice is a logical consolidation of campaigns. Personally, I have accounts that spend thousands of EUR per day and run 3-5 campaigns – 3x TOFU (BROAD + LAL STACK + TESTING), MOFU, BOFU. I’ve seen accounts that were spending 50k EUR a day and running on 5 campaigns. The exception is split campaigns across countries. Consolidation gives FB more targeting and optimization options, it learns faster and spends budget more efficiently. No need to try to “outsmart” the Facebook algorithm. 

If you have enough data in Pixel, even wide targeting can work well, and in the later phase, wide targeting is necessary for good scaling.

All credits for this series goes to Martin Palsovic, E – commerce consultant with more than 14 years of marketing experience.

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