New episode of the Social Media Experts podcast is out now! This time, the conversation gets a little more serious with Dan Kremsa. Dan is the owner of Boosterberg, CEO of Kremsa Digital, and Co-Founder of Pastilla.

You’ll discover Dan’s beginning and his outlook on marketing and doing business. The “Social media is necessary evil” line, and the explanation behind it will get you thinking, and there’s no doubt about that! He shared his opinion on short-form content, and even mentioned some of his favorite creators.

Curious about what was doing business like before there were social media and how does Dan compare those times with the current digital era? Is social media really that important and what is Dan’s favorite social media platform? 

Be sure to check this insightful episode out and a little teaser- you can also start looking forward to the next episode with Dan’s partner Gabi.😉

You know what to do. Just sit back, relax, and let’s get to it! 🎧 You can listen to it on either or via embedded player here:

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