Boosting Facebook Posts with Boosterberg to Optimize Facebook Marketing

M Motors SK s.r.o. is an authorized Distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles up to 3,5 tons in Slovak Republic. M Motors SK is also responsible for Mitsubishi Motors brand marketing in Slovakia. After started using Boosterberg for their Facebook page posts promotion, their average post reach increased by 1 200 %.

Organic post reach increase


Total post reach increase


Page likes increase


Post reactions increase


Their Story

M Motors SK was established in 2004 after receiving its status of authorized distributor for Mitsubishi Motors brand vehicles in Slovakia. M Motors SK is also responsible for marketing activities of Mitsubishi Motors brand in Slovakia and is managing an official Mitsubishi Motors Slovakia Facebook page with cca 5 000 page fans posting cca 30 posts on a monthly basis.

Their Goal

M Motors SK sought to reinforce the brand Mitsubishi to potential customers and to increase awareness and favourability of the car brand in Slovakia. The company specifically wanted to efficiently reach more potential and relevant customers with their Facebook posts.

Their Solution

Social networks have become a very cost-efficient and effective manner for end-user oriented brands to reach their potential customers. Facebook, being the most popular social network in Slovakia, is one of key elements for any automotive brand marketing activity in this region. Hence, M Motors SK was looking for a solution that would efficiently popularize their brand to its audience in Slovakia through Facebook.

Creating approximately 30 original Facebook posts on a monthly basis, it was highly advisable to promote posts with paid promotion. M Motors SK reached out to Boosterberg for automatic boosting of their Facebook posts that would optimize their Facebook marketing budget, increase their brand awareness and would not result in any major costs associated with contracting a social media advertising specialist.

Boosterberg Success Story Mitsubishi Increasing Facebook Engagement
Boosterberg Success Story Mitsubishi Increasing Facebook Post Reach
Boosterberg Success Story Mitsubishi Increasing Facebook Interactivity - FB Page

Boosterberg Success Story Mitsubishi Facebook Ad ASX

Boosterberg Success Story Mitsubishi Facebook Ad Outlander

Mitsubishi's Success with Facebook Thanks to Boosterberg

After using Boosterberg for post promotion, their reach increased by 13x. Their posts started to reach new and relevant audience which resulted in increase of positive post reactions by 324%. Their budget was highly optimized where cost per engagement for some boosted posts was as low as 0.004 USD. This resulted in maximizing audience reach for the lowest possible cost. Boosterberg support staff helped with an initial campaign setup thus not burdening M Motors SK with any additional employee costs.

Boosterberg became a highly efficient and low cost solution that helps to reach monthly by monthly awareness goals of M Motors SK.