A growth oriented social media presence is an essential staple of any brand or business. More than ever, we live in a world where we often connect digitally more than we do in-person. While most may post content on a personal page, setting up a growth oriented presence can be challenging, but full of potential when done so correctly. 

Regardless of your brand, business, and your reasons for building your social media presence, all accounts must include a few key components that will make or break your success. Combining them altogether ensures you’re on the right path to success and accelerating your journey.

Start With a Strong Foundation

Often underestimated or overlooked are the essential basics for any social media account, including the technical basics for social media and your mindset. When establishing your page, ensure you are clear on your niche, target audience, and content pillars. These items are endlessly shared about by every expert and may seem like repetitive information, but they are the core foundation that your social media presence is built on. Many common mistakes on social media can actually be avoided when these three essentials are clearly established from the beginning.

The second aspect of establishing a growth oriented social media presence is simply within your own self. This includes understanding the reasons why you are building this brand. It is the bigger picture and set of goals that keep you motivated and disciplined as you dedicate yourself to learning experiences and the process of organic social media growth. 

Be Consistent In Every Aspect

An essential part of building an organic growth oriented social media presence is staying consistent; something often easier said than done. The reason consistency is an essential practice is because organic growth is a long-term but steady game. It can require a few weeks to months to see an initial growth trend, and years afterwards to keep it going. Consistency on social media takes place in several ways, including in your technical skills and practises, and your personal habits.

Starting with your skills and practices, be consistent with your messaging, posting, and engagement. All three areas combined ensure you are consistently attracting your target audience, and regularly providing valuable touch points to keep your audience engaged and eventually taking interest in buying what you offer.

The second aspect is in your habits. This is because consistency in your messaging, posting, and engagement is actually founded on your personal commitment and practices to staying consistent. The two components of consistent habits are a mindset that is dedicated to consistently working on your goals for the long-run, and the systems you build to practise the habit of consistency. 

Prioritize Engagement

While so much of the focus on social media previously was on content creation, consumer behaviour has shifted to prefer a sense of community with the creators they follow. Creating content consistently is still an important and required component of social media, but growth oriented social media pages must also place great priority on building relationships with other creators in their niche and their target audience.

A great comparison between social media engagement and community building is similar to attending a party. If you were to attend a party and never introduce yourself to any other party-goers, chances are no one would know you were there and you would never be invited back. However, if you approached others and got to know them, you would most likely make friends and be invited to the next event. 

Social media engagement is the same. The goal is to intentionally place yourself in front of the right people in order to attract engaged fans, customers, or clients, instead of waiting and hoping to be discovered. 

So, how do you ensure you put it all together in the right way?

Everyone is capable of successfully growing their social media presence organically when the right pieces are put into place, and mistakes that halt your success are easily avoided when you get the right support.

This article was written by Steph K. Sim, who is a Social Media Growth Coach. You can find her, and learn more about how she can help you to accelerate your social media growth journey on Instagram and TikTok, both found at @StephKSim.

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