Adding coworkers

If you want to invite additional coworkers, just go to the “User Access” submenu, enter their email address into the “Invite new user” input box and send an invitation.

Your coworker will get an invitation email with a unique link. After he clicks the link, he will be prompted to allow the connection between his active Facebook Account and the Boosterberg Facebook App. Then, his Facebook Account will be added to your Business Account “Connected Users” list and taken directly to Boosterberg.

Your coworkers can easily login directly to the Boosterberg boosting App by following the link or by clicking on login on the main page and clicking the Enter button on the right. When on Boosterberg, they will only see the Facebook pages and ad accounts that they already have access to.

If you want to, you can also grant additional permissions to your coworkers, such as the ability to edit billing information and manage your invoices, and also add additional users on your behalf. Simply check the corresponding checkboxes in the User Access connected users list and click the Save button next to the user.

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