And just like that, we’re back with the 3rd episode of Social Media Experts podcast!🥳

This one is something special. Ľuboš talked with Gabi, who is not only Operations Manager in Pastilla, but also a content creator for the YouTube channel Sail Our World. 

If you’re someone who is interested in the world of YouTube and visual creation, this is an episode just for you! 

You’ll learn important insights about starting a YouTube channel, maintaining it, and keeping it interesting. How to make a schedule that you can stick to? Why do some travel vloggers show just the wonderful side of travel, while others show the real deal? Can you enjoy your trip, when you’re thinking about the next shot all the time? 

Just so much information. Adopting the new trends, TikTok, dream locations, the conversation just didn’t stop for two seconds. Gabi and Dan even have a channel for their dog, now let’s be honest, do you even need to hear more? 

You can find out more on their YouTube channel or Instagram:
Sail Our World Instagram:
Sail Our World YouTube channel:

You can find the links down below and if you’re ready for this exotic vacation, just sit back and let’s dive into the wild waters of YouTube creation together.✨

You know what to do. Just sit back, relax, and let’s get to it! 🎧 You can listen to it on either or via embedded player here:

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