Customer Success Agent

With desire to always give the Premium Care.

Help us make the change

Maybe it's a cliché but we are ready to change how marketers perceive content and social media platforms. Are you?

Make their priority yours

We have a lot of clients with a variety of needs. We need someone like you to understand them, to care about them. And if along the way you become their BFF, even better.

Become one of us

We can offer you 1 500 EUR on a contract, a full-time spot in our office and in our clients' hearts, laptop, practically unlimited coffee & a plethora of dogs around the office...


We are a small team developing the world's first complex smart content boosting platform. A mouthful, isn't it? Our goal is to help agencies, publishers, freelancers and e-commerce teams save time and maximize their social media budget. 

We've been working on it for the past 2 years and we are just starting, nevertheless, we already have some notable clients. And we need you, to help them maximize their experience and have the time of their lives!


You are either an English native speaker or C1 certified

You are tech savvy, know your way around PCs and you know something about Facebook/Google ads

You have previous experience from sales/bizdev or customer support

You are empathetic, client-first oriented and have mastered the art of common sense

You can work in a team and can lead it, but have no problem working alone and finding your own work

You know who you are and what you want and won't leave us after a couple of months

If you don't know something, you sure can google it ;) 

✓ You can sit and work with us in Bratislava and... ​are a dog person. You really have to be a dog person. Sorry.

✓ You can start ASAP

ARE YOU OUR customer success agent?

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