Case Study - publishing house

About: is one of the major publishing houses in the country with multiple media outlets.


With a growing number of their web projects and online portals, was searching for an effective solution to automate and streamline their Facebook campaigns. The main goal of using such solution was to optimize their reach and engagement campaigns, but also drive more traffic to their websites with the same budget, which means optimizing their traffic campaigns.


Boosterberg was implemented to run day-to-day Facebook activities on 20+ of their Facebook pages that catered to local markets. Not restricted by the number of various campaigns and with outstanding support from designated Boosterberg staff, was able to exceed their projected results while cutting most of the manual work related to boosting campaigns.


Two weeks after the implementation of Boosterberg, was eager to review the results of automated campaigns and compare them to their usual numbers. On average, the reach and engagement went up by more than 200%. The CPC went down from the usual monthly average of 8 cents, with the new averages ranging from 2 to 4 cents between the running campaigns (more than 60% savings). In some significant cases (more than 5% of ad set averages), weekly CPC averages went below the price of 0.5 cents. The average CTR of the automated campaigns went up by 8% compared to a long-term average. At the same time, Boosterberg was able to cut man hours spent on managing boosting campaigns by 60% (based on subjective poll conducted with the client’s Social Media Team).