A tiny little break, and we’re back at it again. We hope you missed us, but worry no more, a new episode is out right now! 

And this one is tailored for social media managers. That is precisely who we interviewed – Cecilia Suppa, a social media manager.

Cecilia is a social media manager with a focus on graphic design. She got enchanted by the power of digital marketing on social media, and now she is here, working for actual clients and having the time of her life. And trust us when we say, she is doing an outstanding job with it. Her graphic design really is just eye-catching.

Wanna know how to convince a client he really needs a presence online? Business owners often don’t understand the power and value of social media. They think it’s something you do in your free time, so what does Cecilia have to say about this statement, and what does she do, when a client doesn’t believe in the power of the digital?

What is the most challenging part of building a presence on social media? Does she prefer to start an account from scratch, or is it better to just rebrand? What is her favorite industry to make content for?

What are you waiting for? This episode is filled with digital wisdom that you just need to be aware of. Sit back, grab some snack or a drink of your choice, and let’s talk digital! 😉

You can listen to it on either Anchor.fm or via embedded player here:

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