Hello, y’all! We proudly announce something that has been in the works for a really long time – Social Media Expert Podcast!

In our first episode, our Head of Sales, Lubos Misik had a chance to sit down and have an insightful conversation with a C-level brand strategist Veronika Boskova. They talked about all things business, branding, and psychology. You will learn not only about the importance of proper branding and well-applied strategy but also the significance of having a story behind your brand.

You’ll also discover that brands should really spend their time creating a proper set of values and that it’s definitely worth sticking with and why.

What is Veronika’s favorite type of business? Does she support smaller or larger entrepreneurs and what does she think about the correlation between marketing and business as a whole?

Be sure to check this episode out, and beware, many many more interesting episodes with other fascinating guests are yet to come. 😉

What are you waiting for, just make some delicious coffee, grab a snack and let’s get down to business! 📈

Make sure to listen to our podcast, where we invite interesting hosts for each episode of the Social Marketing Experts podcast, find it on your platform of choice on Anchor.fm .

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