Article summary: You will learn about our newest feature, Boosterbeg presets. The difference between Boosterberg presets and traditional Boosterberg. How making your own presets could be beneficial for your business.

What is Boosterberg?

The Boosterberg tool was created in 2016 for internal purposes, in order to save time for local marketing teams.

Exactly how? You can use Boosterberg to automatically boost posts on your social channels (Facebook and Instagram). Set up your campaign, connect your Boosterberg to Facebook, and let Meta’s AI work its magic. The tool picks up ideal posts based on your criteria and sends commands to Meta. Then the process is exactly the same as boosting it manually. As soon as we realized that the tool did exactly what we expected, we thought, “Hey, why not make it public?”.

Boosterberg for clients

Our internal tool is a 1:1 comparison to Boosterberg for commercial use. Due to Boosterberg’s creation for other marketing professionals, the tool’s user interface is rather difficult to understand for someone who has never done paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram.

That’s why we offer assisted set up for new clients, so if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In spite of its complicated user interface, Boosterberg has found its way to many marketers and business owners as an effective time and cost saver.

Who are presets creators and why are the presets an attractive option for them?

Presets creators are people from the niche who know how to target the audience and optimize your marketing strategy.

So now that we know who are the creators, what are the presets?

You could say Presets are the conditions that creators use in their Boosterberg set up, they just create a link to their presets that allows them to share it.The process of creating presets is exactly the same as creating a campaign through Boosterberg. The difference is that when you create a preset, you will also generate a unique link for your customers.

Why would you want to do that?

Your knowledge of targeting the right audience with the right campaign is unique, so why would you give that information away for free? It won’t be free. You set the price for your preset, and anyone who subscribes to it will be charged that amount. In other words, it’s a scaling model for you. Like everyone else, you have limitations that you cannot overcome (each of us has 24 hours in a day), but by using Boosterberg presets, you can offer your services to an extended audience without taking up a lot of your time.