Boosterberg, a leading tool for optimizing social media post ads delivery through automation since 2016, is celebrating its 1st anniversary under new ownership during the month of June.

In a one-year period, we managed to build an even stronger team dedicated to helping customers from Australia, Hong Kong, through the USA to UK, Sweden, and others. 

We are delighted to announce and celebrate this occasion with our clients and future clients by redesigning our website to reflect our mission towards better and up-to-date service for today’s marketers. 

Building on a reputation of quality service, Boosterberg has grown a lot in the past year to become a leading platform for your social media post ads automation a leading platform for your social media post ads automation. We believe in adapting to the changing environment of digital marketing activities. Due to the growing advertising demands, we always try to push our development towards enabling easy-to-use automation options.

Check our CEO video on how we managed to save Boosterberg

What did we achieve in this one year? Let’s put it together.

We achieved year-over-year revenue growth of almost 25 %. It allowed us to focus more on our product development, bringing you new features, such as Instagram posts as the source of ads, and the upcoming development of Instagram story boosting (in a couple of weeks), and many others planned.

Providing our service to marketers all over the world is one of our primary goals. Every year, we move towards this goal a little more, thanks to our clients using Boosterberg across 20+ countries

In the past year, we spent over 400 hours talking to more than 70 customers, helping them operate the platform, and giving them the support they deserve. Thanks to these people, we have relevant feedback and insights on how Boosterberg can work even better for all current and future customers. To serve our customers better, we have onboarded four more people to our team this year. That way, we would like to thank everyone who provided us with insightful notes on features and our customer service team willing to take that additional step and hop on a call any time needed.

Our product created more than 190 000 ads on behalf of our clients during this very successful year, saving their time with manual campaign management. Thanks to conditions and rules, Boosterberg can easily automate your advertising activities and optimize the best performing ads, saving your time and your budget. This way, we’ve managed to save approximately 970 hours (above 40 days) for our clients, taking the manual ad setting off their shoulders. 

In honor of this event, Boosterberg is proud to announce a website redesign, demonstrating its one-year achievements and focusing on customer needs.

Thank you for making our first anniversary such a success, and we look forward to bringing you even more features from now on.