New Instagram feature coming to Boosterberg


We are happy to announce the newest addition to our features. Many of our clients have been using the tool for different campaign objectives, which finally arrived for Instagram campaigns. 


Boosterberg is a unique tool that provides advertising experts and novices alike with an effective solution for their social media advertising efforts. As a tool that helps you automate boosting your organic posts through paid promotion on the Facebook marketing platform, it is now also possible to extend your automation to your Instagram posts using a wide array of objectives, same as you use on Facebook. 


So what has changed?

Until recently, Boosterberg could only operate through Post Engagement and Reach campaigns. The new update brings new objectives and automatic CTA button selection, allowing fellow marketers to work with Traffic and Conversion objectives even using creatives from best performing Instagram posts! You can make use of a wide array of CTA button texts, even those that are not included in the regular Instagram post boosting feature on Instagram, and you can specify a custom link that will be assigned to the button. Until we find a better place for it in our next redesign update, look for the feature in the ad set settings, placement tab. The CTA button will be added automatically to every new ad created in that specific ad set.


Besides these, we also included the support of Brand Awareness and Video views campaigns in our newest update. The automatic CTA button feature is usable across your Instagram campaign objectives, not only those that specifically require it, so if a CTA button is something you needed even for your reach campaigns, well, we’ve got you covered.

With these new features, Instagram post promotion now allows marketers to track all relevant link results, crucial for running eCommerce, blog, or media publishing brands.

In this way, we believe you can get the most out of your advertising activities through Boosterberg and drive traffic and sales effectively, now on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. With this in mind, Boosterberg can serve even more businesses whose primary audience and interest are on Instagram.



Instagram being one of our main priorities, stay tuned for more updates coming for this placement. Spoiler alert! We are planning to add boosting Instagram Stories in the next feature update.