Boosterberg is a tool that helps brands promote their communication in an automated way which helps marketers in many ways. We don’t say it will do the job for you, don’t worry (or worry a bit), but it can effectively lower your time spent on ad management and optimize your costs per result. Easy right? But any good marketer can do so. 

Well, that is true, indeed. But…

These days it’s the content that counts. Any outstanding marketer can schedule and optimize ads to have the best possible results. Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time usually. And now imagine, you could use that time to content creation and idea-making. 

Here is where Boosterberg can help a lot. We are delighted by the number of clients who trust us with optimizing their promotion efforts on social media, and here is why.

Boosterberg can save you not only a lot of time but also a lot of money

One of our clients provided us with this exciting comparison of their efforts year over year. We took a chance and prepared for you this case study, which shows you how much impact our tool can have on your advertising efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

January 2020 vs. January 2021

The data compared is for January 2020 and January 2021. Yes, these two months are truly not alike, mainly in different consumer habits influenced by the global pandemic. Yet, we decided to compare them to see how much of an impact on your results you can achieve while using Boosterberg.

Our client operates in the automotive segment, which was highly impacted by the current situation. Many businesses within this segment were forced to move their communication online, dedicate some budget, and focus on social media presence and digital communication. Many of these have even decided to run the whole sales funnel online. Consumers also chose to proceed with decision-making online and were forced to research, follow and compare their options here. 

Within our reference period, the client has been running a similar amount of ads. In January 2020, a marketer was manually scheduling campaigns matching the purposes’ objectives. In January 2021, they dedicated the almost exact amount of money as in 2020. 

Year-over-year growth using Boosterberg seems quite impressive, even though several factors impact the results. 

In 2021, consumers started to get used to engaging with the brand on social media more than in 2020. The client has dedicated some budget to Page Like campaign, which brings sustainable growth of fans.


Second of all, Boosterberg helped automatically optimize the delivery of sponsored posts in an easy setup based on achieving the exact budget per post or after three days, leading to effective distribution and maximizing results for the same budget as stated below. 

One important factor to mention is a slight difference in audience size and objectives. While using Boosterberg targeting options, the size of the target audience was smaller than without Boosterberg implementation. Before using our tool, the client has been promoting only special campaigns with various objectives, not focusing on one sustainable distribution of their published content.

Year Month Impr. YOY growth Imp. Reach YOY growth Reach Budget spent
2020 Jan 39106 15988 105,87 €
2021 Jan 217536 456.273% 41502 520.015% 105 €

Undoubtedly, Boosterberg supported this brand to allocate its budget for social media promotion more efficiently without spending marketers’ time on outgoing optimization.


* results in thousands.

You might think this doesn’t seem correct, right? We picked another month that was different in the amount of budget allocated to enforce our statements. Check the situation of the following month.

February 2020 vs. February 2021

For another examined period, we decided to showcase a comparison between February 2020 and February 2021 operating with the different budget distribution. In 2020, a client dedicated 565 €, yet in 2021 only 486,2 €. Besides Boosterberg campaigns in 2021, the client runs other campaigns specifically oriented on traffic and brand awareness, also using remarketing campaigns to achieve conversions.

We wanted to see the influence of Boosterberg campaigns accompanied by other advertising setups of campaigns. Here are the overall results. Within the selected period in 2020, the client has also been running reach-oriented campaigns.

Year Month Impr. YOY growth Imp. Reach YOY growth Reach Budget spent Budget difference
2020 Feb 323291 75728 565,15 €
2021 Feb 537733 66.331% 103903 37.2055% 486,20 € -13.9697%


* results in thousands.


Using Boosterberg, the client managed to decrease the budget by 14% and get more overall results (for example, Impressions increase by 66%) within various campaign setups – both Boosterberg created and ongoing manual campaigns’ setup leading to conversions. 

Still not sure about how Boosterberg can help your business in social media advertising automation? Sign up for our 14-days trial and talk to our sales representatives about where your advertising potential lies and how your brand can get the most out of Boosterberg.