Imagine a tool that transforms words into pieces of art. The good news is you don’t have to imagine it. It already exists There are at least three A.I. at the time of writing. We tested the Midjourney. AI turns words into art.

Midjoruney is an AI bot that can generate pictures based on words. Furthermore, AI will offer you four variations of pictures as suggestions. Those are the bases for your next creation process. 

If you find the one that fulfills your expectations you can give commands to the AI to generate the desired picture in higher resolution. 

What if AI generated pieces something you didnt like?

The answer to that question is as simple as it can be, you just click the button and let AI generate to create new four variants. 

The free trial has around 40 pictures you can generate. Then you will be offered a subscription model.

How artificial inteligence art can change the market

With new technology like this there are certain risks. One I am worried most about is the AI artist competing with traditional artists. I believe AI art and traditional are are two separate categories, both are art yes, but for me it feels wrong to compare something that is made by words, with something that was drawn by hand or with digital tablet.

AI art is by no means easy, as each word can change drastically outcome you get. It is definitely an art by all the means.

 I don’t think traditional artists or digital artists are facing extinction due to AI-generated pictures. At the time of writing, AI struggles with a lot of things. 

Can’t draw faces

Can’t draw hands

Those are just a few struggles I have experienced firsthand. If anything I believe in the era of automation and AI, digital artists are being handed a dangerous tool that can speed up their process and with their own skills, then they can fine-tune the result.

Has a problem putting multiple components together

Who owns the pictures?

The creator owns the art. That is not the case with the prompts you use. Your prompts are under normal circumstances visible on midjourney page and anyone can copy them. Their results are going to be similar, but not the same as yours. 


AI-generated art is going to be part of the digital world and not just AI art. AI for copywriting is a thing for many years now. Some people will say it’s bad, but some people will embrace it. Despite being called AI, this is not the same as artificial intelligence from sci-fi movies where it provides results without user input.

Similarly, those tools can be, and I believe should be, used by the people from the craft to make the best out of them. Same as Boosterberg is a tool that automates boosting process on Instagram and Facebook. You could use it as someone who doesn’t understand social media marketing, but if you have experience, and you know what are your goals. You will put the tool into better use.