In December 2023, Zara faced international outcry and calls for a boycott after releasing an ad campaign featuring rubble, mannequins wrapped like corpses, and limbless statues. Many saw it as insensitive and reminiscent of the recent Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, prompting Zara to pull the campaign and apologize for the “misunderstanding.” Though Zara claimed artistic intent, the controversy highlighted sensitivities around war imagery and corporate responsibility in a globalized world.

Yet, all this would be prevented if their agency watched the negative feedback metric and automatically paused the ads from running!

You never heard of the ‘negative feedback‘ metric? You are not alone, it doesn’t show in ads manager, it’s hard to track down even in documentation but it is there. Not only that we have access to it, we can automatically pause campaigns that have a high negative score!

Yup, just another little thing that makes a world of difference.