Running a business today is impossible without a digital marketing campaign. That being said, optimizing Facebook ads and other social media ads is a principal part of boosting your conversion rates. Mobile ads receive enormous traffic and are more relevant than ever, yet some businesses struggle with ad optimization. 

So, what are the five ways to optimize your ads for mobile and get more conversions?
Well, it mostly comes down to the unique behavior patterns of the users. Continue scrolling to find out more!

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Ads?

The best thing about mobile ads is that the users can be reached anywhere and at any time. Using mobile devices to sell more of your products is a popular thing in every market worldwide!
Today, mobile ads are so specific that you will easily reach your target audience with particular products and advertisements in a specific language. All in all, it’s easy to reach the desired Facebook audience – but you have to create quality content.

The ads have to be fine-tuned to grasp everyone’s attention. So, let’s talk about optimizing Facebook Ads!

How To Optimize Ads For Mobile?

Mobile ads are not something new – they have been here for quite some time now, and users are used to and respond to them. However, the ads have to be optimized to attract people and boost that conversion rate.
You as a business will have to find the right way to attract customers – and we are here to give you some tips on what to do and what to avoid!

Make The Ads Accessible & Approachable

To make the ads accessible, make sure to create separate ads for mobile users. We advise you always to use captions – the contrast for text should be 4:1, with nothing moving too fast. 
Use static images to make video ads or carousels – but not too long. The videos should be filmed in portrait mode or cropped to fit the mobile screen. The created assets should work with the sound off as well. 

Use Retargeting

Ads are not all about attracting new users but converting them as well. Targeting users who have seen your ad or product before will remind them about it and offer an incentive to buy.
So, with retargeting ads, you can target the users who have viewed a particular product and finally get them to purchase it. Many online retailers are using this method successfully. When using it, make sure your retargeting ads are designed to achieve this specific objective.

Simplify Everything

Simple ads work best – it’s the way it is. Keep the advertisement to the point – fewer elements tend to attract people to ask more, and overcrowded ads tend to result in a swipe and ignore. 

Pay Special Attention to Quality

Creating high-quality but straightforward ads is the key to success. The visual aspect and the audio should be in high definition and high resolution. Why?
The conversion rate is double if you use high definition rather than lower quality visuals.

Creating Interactive Ads

The videos themselves are doing pretty well, but intelligent approaches like interactive ads for your brand can take you to the next level. Interactive ads can boost up your conversion rate up to 20%!
With each user, the personal engagement will spark their interest and make them relate to your brand.

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