ilustracieAfter first registering for your Boosterberg Business Account at, you have full access to the Standard Plan-equivalent 30-day trial that includes the ability to boost posts on 5 different FB pages and all features without any artificial barriers.

Don’t forget to validate your email within 3 days, otherwise, you will be locked out of boosting.

After registering, you will be able to login to your Business Account at by providing your email (or username) and password.

If you don’t remember your password, you can always reset it using the “Forgot your Username or Password?” option.

If you are in your Business Account and want to start boosting straight away, click on the “Boost your pages NOW” button in the top right. You will be prompted to connect your currently active Facebook Account with the Boosterberg Facebook Application. After you allow these connections, you enable Boosterberg to boost your page posts on behalf of this Facebook Account, based on your settings.

In summary:

  • Your Business Account is your Boosterberg Headquarters and the only place you need to remember your login information for.
  • Register at
  • Login at, on the left side.
  • Enable App access for your Facebook Account by clicking on “Boost your pages NOW” in your Business Account.

Still not clear? Try to go along our guide:

How to sign up for Boosterberg Trial