Case Study
PS:Digital - marketing agency


PS:Digital is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the country, specialized on social media.


With tens of client Facebook pages to maintain, PS:Digital was looking for a solution that would succeed the “Ongoing promotion” functionality that was discontinued by Facebook after it had worked for a couple of years.

Marketing account managers had to log in to Facebook at inconvenient times, usually evenings, when new Facebook posts were scheduled to be published. There, they would turn off current promotion and started a new one, with some clients having a more complex boosting strategy and multiple posts being published daily. Together, this totalled about 30 hours of manual work weekly for all the pages managed by the agency, which took away from creative work that could be done instead.


Design and code a simple “Boost every new post” replacement for th Ongoing promotion functionlaity, with the help of partnered developer studio Kremsa Digital (now Pastilla). Immediately after designing the basic solution, ideas about how to improve the solution started to emerge. Thus, a concept of a Facebook performance marketing tool Boosterberg was born. 

Boosterberg copies basic Facebook logic: 

The content that performs well organically will perform even better once promoted/boosted. Content that doesn’t perform well organically will not be suddenly liked by the target audience just because it was promoted, because the audience sees the same content format.

Based on this logic, various performance-dependent automatic start conditions were developed, together with their corresponding stop conditions.


Boosterberg was implemented on all client Facebook pages with available marketing budget. The results were immediate and overwhelming; 

- 90% of time saved maintaining Facebook campaigns.

- 60% to 75% increase of effectiveness on engagement campaigns and 40% decrease of CPC for traffic campaigns, with other metrics following suit accordingly

Next steps to be take quickly became apparent:

Mostly among fellow agencies as well as local publishing houses, the news about this new smart solution spread like a wildfire, with many of the expressing interest to try out Bosterberg, which was quickly transformed into a SaaS product.

Encouraged by the success rate of more than 50% of turning potential clients into paying customers after the first one-on-one meetings, Boosterberg started its own marketing campaign using PPC and Facebook campaigns. Initial focus on quantity was proved to be missing a personal touch and was soon replaced with focus on quality leads with the emphasis on onboarding trial users and proactive support. Currently with thousands of active accounts and hundreds of paying customers, Boosterberg is steadily expanding its global reach.


- In the nearest future, Boosterberg will add automatic boosting of Instagram posts

- Next, a complete design overhaul with an emphasis on better UX will be introduced. 

- A smart “autopilot” functionality for every major business use case will follow.

- Based on countless requests from the ecommerce segment, new and improved conversion campaign features will be rolled out.

- Furthermore, in the long run, Boosterberg is positioning itself to become an automatic middleman between any -regularly published content on one hand, and any applicable advertising platform on the other, bringing it beind the scope of the Facebook marketing platform.

Stay tuned for more updates.