Founder of Boosterberg

Daniel Kremsa

Daniel was there when the Boosterberg app was coming together in 2016.

Then, after recognizing the potential of the service, he seized the opportunity, bought it, and gave it the solid foundation we’re building upon today.

Boosterberg Ad Presets FAQ


Boosterberg Ad Campaign Presets are pre-designed advertising templates for Facebook and Instagram, created by industry leaders. They make it easy for advertisers to create effective and visually appealing ads, saving time and improving campaign performance.

Boosterberg Ad Campaign Presets are specifically suitable for small business owners and beginner advertisers who find Facebook’s Business Manager and Ads challenging. Our pre-designed ad templates are tailored to simplify the advertising process, allowing businesses with limited marketing expertise to create effective ads with ease and avoid the overwhelming environment of Meta Ads.

At the moment, Boosterberg Ad Campaign Presets support Facebook and Instagram ads.

Absolutely! Boosterberg Ad Campaign Presets can greatly improve your advertising performance, especially if you are new to Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our presets have been designed, crafted and tested for specific industries by industry leaders. By using presets from social media experts you’re following their winning strategies and setting yourself up for success.

No, but some of our presets are free, check our marketplace here. If you choose a free preset, you only need to pay for your desired ad budget.

Activating Presets

To activate a Boosterberg Ad Campaign Preset, you will need:

  • Facebook Account: You need to have an active Facebook account, as Boosterberg primarily operates within the Facebook advertising ecosystem.
  • Facebook or Instagram Page: You should have a Facebook or an Instagram page that you want to promote through the ad campaign. This is the business page that you’ll be linking to Boosterberg for creating and managing your ad campaigns.
  • Registration on Presets: You must sign up on the Boosterberg Presets platform. This is where you’ll activate presets, configure targeting options, define budgets, and manage the overall campaign settings.

Boosterberg requires access to your Facebook page to be able to manage your ad campaigns. With this access we can create, schedule, and improve ads for you. 

It’s important to note that this access is only for managing ads and doesn’t give us control over your whole page. Your page’s security remains intact.

Read our guide on how to give Boosterberg advertiser’s access to your Facebook page.

You can only log in using a single Facebook account. However, different preset accounts can each run campaigns on the same Facebook page.

Yes. If you wish to run multiple campaigns at once on a single Facebook page, you’ll need to enable two or more presets, or activate the same preset multiple times. You can easily modify the budget and targeting for each campaign while activating the presets.

No, only the presets you have activated will be visible on your dashboard.

You’ll find campaign statistics and data displayed on your dashboard. Please note that the statistics may have a slight delay compared to Facebook’s data, owing to our data retrieval process from Meta. Typically, it takes about a day for the data to synchronize accurately. This means the data we present is collected up to the previous day.

Within your Presets Dashboard, each campaign’s data includes:

  • Number of posts boosted through the preset/campaign
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Clicks
  • Spend

When you click on a preset you’ve activated, you’ll gain access to detailed information about each boosted post, including its current status (active or inactive, boosting or not), as well as metrics such as reach, engagement, clicks, and spending.

Paying for Presets and Ad Spend

When you activate your preset, you will be charged for:

  • The preset price (set by the preset creator)
  • The ad budget (you can go with the ad budget set by the preset creator or adjust based on your needs)

The amount you pay for the preset price is decided by the preset creator. The sum is then divided between the creator and Boosterberg. 

Yes. The ad budget set during preset activation will be added to Boosterberg’s Facebook Ad Account and it will be used to boost your Facebook and Instagram posts.

The minimum daily budget is $1.