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Facebook Ads Academy

Learn more about Facebook advertising with our expert articles that will open new avenues for your Facebook marketing success. Whether you are a Facebook advertising pro, marketing manager or a just Facebook enthusiast, we believe that you will find something for you here.

Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy - Post Boosting Automation for Small Business

Increasing the Efficiency of Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are often administrating a Facebook page on their own. Now they can focus on their core business without losing precious time with logging to Facebook, studying the posts …
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Boosterberg Facebook Ads Academy - More Control for Advertising Budget

Handover Facebook Campaign Ad Sets – Effective and Transparent Budget Allocation

Some companies need a little more control over their budget, than just one overall monthly spend amount. In this text, we will describe, how to create multiple layers of ad …
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Boosterberg-Automating FB Boosting-Academy-Pinning Areas in Facebook

How to Pin Specific Areas in Facebook Ads

Geo-targeting on Facebook belongs to basic targeting options of its advertising network. You can target specific countries, states, cities or areas in precise radius (from 1 mile to 50 miles …
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