Boosterberg DashboardAfter logging into the App with your Facebook Account, you will see your Dashboard that has an overview of your Pages by Boosting status (boosted or not boosted) and by the Ad Account used for boosting them on the right.

If you are familiar with Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager, it will not come as a surprise to you, that your Facebook Account has to have at least the Advertiser privileges on a Page to be able to boost posts on that Page.

The Boosted Pages section has an overview of all the Pages that were already boosted with more details visible at a glance.


From both of these locations, you can start boosting a new page simply by clicking “Boost New Page“.

This opens the Campaign creation section where you have to:

  1. Choose the Facebook Page you want to boost
  2. Choose the Ad Account to use for boosting
  3. Setup (or import a predefined) Ad Set audience targeting and budget
  4. Choose your preferred boosting conditions using Basic or Advanced Settings
  5. Review and Submit – this will create a new Campaign for the page, and one new Ad Set in the campaign

After successfully submitting the Campaign, the Campaign and the first Ad Account based on your selected budget and audience targeting will be created. If you want to, you can check it on Facebook in your Ads Manager.

Boosterberg will start automatically boosting each page post that meets the conditions that you have chosen, spending your specified budget effectively.

Every subsequent Ad Set that is created in Boosterberg manually (by clicking on “New Ad Set” and submitting it), or automatically (after reaching the limit of 50 Ads), will be created under this special Boosterberg Campaign.

In summary:

  • Boosterberg boosting App at enables you to see your Pages and Ad Accounts on you Dashboard.
  • The steps to Boost a New Page is 1. Choose the Page, 2. Choose the Ad Account, 3. Create or import Ad Set targeting and budget, 4. Choose your preferred Boosting Conditions and 5. Submit
  • Boosting a New Page creates a new Campaign with the first Ad Set
  • Every new Ad Set created by Boosterberg for that page will be created under this Campaign