Nowadays, publishing and media houses do not have an easy life. The amount of news and messages is ever more increasing, produced and shared by almost everybody on social media and being spread throughout the world in milliseconds. In such environment, it is extremely difficult to bring your messages to the right audience and receive the necessary attention.

Delivering measurable and continuous results such as reach, engagement and traffic to websites is becoming more and more difficult without an additional paid promotion of your posts. Even if you decide to pay for reach to raise awareness of your posts, there is always the doubt whether this could have been managed more efficiently.

Currently, you have four options to raise awareness of your posts on Facebook:

  1. Rely on organic reach. Believe your content is strong enough to reach the desired amount of people.
  2. Boost your posts manually. Figure out yourself which posts need promotion by analyzing Facebook Insights and continuously mapping your posts.
  3. Employ a Facebook marketing specialist who will conduct the Insights analysis for you and will be mapping your previous and current posts.
  4. Employ a smart automation solution tool that will do the analysis and mapping for you and decide, which posts are worth promoting.

By choosing the fourth option, you can follow other publishing and media houses in the world and get more efficient results from your Facebook budget.

Boosterberg is an automation tool for Facebook post boosting. With Boosterberg, you can boost only posts you think are worth boosting and set up smart boosting criteria at the beginning and throughout a specific Facebook campaign.

You can choose to:

  • Boost only certain types of posts (text, picture, video, link…)
  • Set up useful time delays for boosting a post (e.g. +1 hour after publishing a post)
  • Set up stop conditions for post promotion (e.g. if a post reaches a certain predetermined price)
  • Set up targeting and budget just like in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Boost only one Facebook post at a time or more posts simultaneously
  • See various reports on your posts performance
  • And much more

With Boosterberg, you can take your Facebook Advertising to the next level.

Try our 30-days FREE trial and enjoy the convenience.