Are you a digital marketing agency (or any other relevant agency – eg. social media, advertising, PR, media, content or maybe a freelancer), managing Facebook Pages for a large number of clients?

Then you have probably noticed, that to deliver measurable and continuous results such as reach, engagement, or traffic to websites is getting more and more difficult without additional paid promotion of your posts.

Some time ago, Facebook disabled the „Boost every new post“ option and since then ads for every single post need to be turned on and off manually. Besides, if you want to promote your posts in a more sophisticated manner, a thorough analysis of your Page using Insights is needed. This all requires a lot of time, that you can save now with Boosterberg.

Boosterberg is an autotomation tool for Facebook post boosting. With Boosterberg, you can automatically boost only posts you think are worth boosting. Whether these show better performance or aim to promote a specific product, you can set up Boosterberg to boost posts based on the Organic reach, Engagement, specific keywords in the text and other criteria. With Boosterberg, you do not need to spend your time analyzing and deciding, how to divide your Facebook budget in the most reasonable way. Boosterberg does it for you. From our experience, we save around 90% of our time by using Boosterberg to promote posts in comparison to boosting each individual post manually. Boosterberg will do this everyday and all day. Just set up your campaign and the desired boosting conditions, sit back and enjoy the power of automation.

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